Ruzicka Become’s Deauville High Roller

Ruzicka Become’s Deauville High Roller

Monday, 11 February 2013

Vojtech Ruzicka managed to boost his lifetime earnings by 313,000 in just four hours over the weekend courtesy of EPT Deauville’s High Roller event.

Having survived the two previous days of action, Vojtech managed to overcome a tough final table in just a few hours on Saturday.

Outlasting the likes of Bryn Kenney and Martin Jacobson, Vojtech finally managed to oust Timothy Reilly in a dramatic hand.

With the rest of the field watching from the rails, Reilly adopted an aggressive style and pressured Vojtech from the outset of their match.
However, a reversal of fortunes came midway through their battle as Vojtech found a pair of jacks as his opponent moved all-in with pocket tens.

Having doubled his stack and confidence, Vojtech began to take control of the match and eventually sealed the deal with 5c 3s.

Having limped pre-flop and found the perfect board of 2h 6h 4d, Vojtech bet out and found a willing caller in Reilly with Jd Th.

As the dealer laid out the Js on the turn, a seemingly confident Reilly moved all-in over the top of Vojtech’s second bet, leaving him to make the easy call with the nuts.

The inconsequential Qs on the river brought the tournament to a close and handed Vojtech his largest live win to date.

1 Vojtech Ruzicka €313,000
2 Timothy Reilly €180,000
3 Alexandre Reard €105,700.
4 Martin Jacobson €83,200
5 Bryn Kenney €64,100
6 Steven Silverman €47,500
7 Jonathan Duhamel €38,000
8 Alain Goldberg €28,500

The EPT heads across the Channel next month for the massive EPT London festival. A host of qualifiers are up and running at PokerStars.

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