Russian spy Anna Chapman and the poker connection

Russian spy Anna Chapman and the poker connection

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

In the good old (bad) days of the KGB an exposed Russian spy could expect an all expenses paid winter holiday to a salt mine in Siberia. It appears that the sanctions for getting busted these days aren't quite so severe if the case of Anna Chapman is anything to go by.

The comely spook, who was one of ten Russian agents expelled from the USA earlier this year, has released a poker inspired app for the iPhone. For $1.99 players will get a a choice of Texas Hold'em or five card draw as well as the opportunity to get 'a peek at Anna's private life'. The app also offers players a selection of photos of the flame-haired snooper with the most successful players getting the opportunity to become her friend on Facebook as well as gaining access to a specially created blog.

Here at Bluff Towers we'll be sticking to John Le Carre.

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