Russian Wins European Masters of Poker Prague

Russian Wins European Masters of Poker Prague

Thursday, 2 July 2009

The third European Masters of Poker, held in Prague, was won by Russian player Vladislav Shuravin who beat a 163-strong field at the Spearmint Casino to win a first-place prize of just under €40,000.

The final table, which included EMOP Bulgaria winner Reuven Dayan who was looking to make it two from two, began as follows:

Seat 1. Reuven Dayan (ISR) – 204,000
Seat 2. Petr Pesko (CZ) – 586,000
Seat 3. Henrik Johansson (SWE) – 239,000
Seat 4. Ted Magnusson (SWE) – 197,500
Seat 5. Kim Frölander (SWE) – 168,000
Seat 6. Vladislav Shuravin (RUS) – 410,500
Seat 7. Jukka Ylinen (FIN) – 346,500
Seat 8. Martin Hjorth (DEN) – 244,000
Seat 9. Emil Westman (SWE) – 200,500

The first to fall was Sweden’s Kim Frolander who left with KQ against AT. Next, the EMOP Bulgaria winner Dayan eliminated Henrik Johansson after another coinflip went the wrong way. Ted Magnusson ran A8 into Jukka Ylinen’s KK.

Dayan’s hopes of a duel victory were dashed next when he crashed out in fifth, his KQ dominated by the AQ of Finnish Ylinen.

At this stage the players took a break and decided on a deal with each player guaranteed fifth place and the rest of the payouts determined by the size of their chip stacks.

The final table payouts were:

1. Vladislav Shuravin - €39,675
2. Petr Pesko - €29,819
3. Martin Hjorth - €41,146
4. Jukka Ylinen - €28,837
5. Emil Westman - €23,021

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