Rugby Pro Shatters Poker Player's Jaw

Rugby Pro Shatters Poker Player's Jaw

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A former professional rugby player from Ireland has just been ordered to pay €10,000 after an incident during a cash game left one of his opponent's with three broken bones and a metal plate in his face.

Neilus Keogh from Limerick was on the cusp of signing a new contract to play rugby for Nottingham back in 2012, but a bad beat during a game inside Dublin's The Sporting Emporium caused him to lose his temper and, subsequently, his playing career.

According to a report in The Irish Times, Keogh went on uber tilt after losing a hand to Michael Frisby. However, unlike most people that curse or bang the table, Keogh reacted in the worst way possible and punched the player in the face before throwing a chair at him.

The incident left the stunned player with three broken bones and nerve damage around his mouth. Keogh was later summoned to court and after a lengthy legal process he was recently found guilty of assault and ordered to pay €10,000 compensation to Frisby.

Not only that, but Keogh told that court that he'd since lost his job as a professional rugby player and now works as a labourer.

Having heard that Keogh had taken steps to address his anger issues, the judge attached a probation act to the fine which means the incident won't show up on the Irishman's criminal record. However, it's unlikely he'll be invited back to play poker at The Sporting Emporium any time soon.

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