Ruben Visser Takes MCOP Crown

Ruben Visser Takes MCOP Crown

Monday, 1 December 2014

A long day of betting inside the Holland Casino eventually ended with Ruben Visser being crowned this year's Master Classics of Poker (MCOP) champion.

Having made his way past a slew of world-class grinders earlier in the tournament, Visser wasn't prepared to give up on his title hopes without a fight on Saturday.

In fact, as the session progressed it looked increasingly like the organisers would need to extend the tournament for another day after the final few clung on until the casino was about to close. Fortunately, with just 35 minutes until the doors were due to be locked, Visser powered through to claim the MCOP title and €2225,000.

The final session began with defending champion Noah Boeken hitting the rail on the first hand after his pocket tens ran into Ole Schemion's pocket queens. That elimination sparked a wave of exits, including departures by Steven van Zadelhoff, the aforementioned Schemion and Clyde Tjauw Foe.

That flurry of eliminations left Andrew Chen, David Boyaciyan and Visser vying for the title and €306,000 top prize. However, with time running out and the chip counts almost too close to call, the final three decided to cut a deal that would leave €25,000 aside for the eventual winner.

With a deal struck, Chen was the first to hit the rail and take home €190,000 after just three hands of the restart. That left only Boyaciyan in Visser's way and as dawn approached he was able overcome his final foe, collect his €225,000 top prize and exit the casino just before the cleaners set about their morning duties.

Master Classics of Poker Final Result

1. Ruben Visser - €225,000*
2. David Boyaciyan - €178,000*
3. Andrew Chen - €190,000*
4. Clyde Tjauw Foe - €83,786
5. Jussi Nevanlinna - €71,985
6. Robbie Hendriks - €59,004
7. Ole Schemion - €47,203
8. Steven van Zadelhoff - €35,403
9. Hzarem Aaquich - €23,602
10. David Yan - €18,882

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