Royal flush signs off PokerStars ANZPT Day 2

Royal flush signs off PokerStars ANZPT Day 2

Friday, 23 July 2010

PokerStars have got more poker tours than you can shake any number of sticks at; currently this one is upside-down as the Australia and New Zealand Poker Tour Queenstown hit Day 2 with just fifty players remaining of the original entrants.

Former Aussie Millions champion Lee “Final Table” Nelson looked assured of the chip lead as play wrapped up on Day 2, having accumulated 115,600 as he folded his last hand of the night. However, a large ruckus soon alerted him to the presence of a new chip leader after a once-in-a-lifetime hand.

Julian Cohen had raised under the gun and received a caller in the form of “Furniture John”. We don’t know, either. Anyway, the flop was Kc-Qc-6h and Furniture John called a continuation bet. The turn was the Jc and Cohen checked, causing Furniture John to go all in with his 6-6. Should’ve got it in on the flop, John.

Cohen snap called, tabling Ac-Tc for an unbeatable Royal Flush. Furniture John had expected 10% equity at the very least but he was drawing dead even as the Qh hit the river to give him a full house. With that hand, Cohen moved up to exactly 116,000 – just 400 chips ahead of Nelson.

Fifty players, including fifteen from Auckland, reconvene tomorrow to play down to the money bubble of 15 players.

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