Roy Rejoices in Montreal

Roy Rejoices in Montreal

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

In a fitting conclusion to the WPT’s most successful ever Canadian event, it was chip collecting Canuck Jonathan Roy who took home the title. While he may not quite be a hometown player, Quebec native Roy certainly lapped up the support from the crowd as he battled his way to victory.

Having been just another face amongst a sea of chips on Day 1, Roy managed to stay afloat until the majority of the 1,173 player field had sunk. With a clear pathway opening up in front of him Roy managed to ride a wave of positive variance to yesterday’s final table.

With the third largest chip stack in play he found himself in the tricky position of trying to balance his style between aggressive and conservative. Not wanting to needlessly giveaway chips and bust before one of the short stacks, Roy sat tight but he didn’t have to wait long before the field shrunk by one.

On the very first hand of play Peter Kaemmerlen got involved in a pre-flop raising war with Jeff Gross that eventually saw the former with all his chips at risk. Although in a strong position with pocket jacks, Kaemmerlen soon felt the wrath of the poker gods when his flopped set morphed into a made straight for Gross’s A-T.

With one player down in record time the action opened up and after Sylvain Smith, Gavin Smith and Jeff Gross hit the rail there were just two remaining. Pascal Lefrancois was the man trying to stop Roy from winning but after a failed coup with pocket sixes left him crippled, the match went to Roy who banked $779,710 and the honour of being the first ever WPT Montreal Champion.

WPT Montreal final table results:
1st: Jonathan Roy - $779,710
2nd: Pascal Lefrancois - $470,920
3rd: Jeff Gross - $317,450
4th: Gavin Smith - $211,745
5th: Sylvain Siebert - $146,360
6th: Peter Kaemmerlen - $113,155

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