launches new poker based reality TV show launches new poker based reality TV show

Friday, 28 August 2009

Channel 4 may have axed Big Brother but there is another reality based TV show set in a house starting this year. Rather than featuring a collection of wannabes and prima donnas, Rounders House will centre on poker.

Sixteen contestants will learn from a selection of poker pros and will compete for prizes for both themselves and their favourite charity.

“The show will have some great daily challenges for the contestants. Each winner will win some great prizes, while donating to their favourite charity,” said co-founder Jason “Wolf” Rosenberg. “Combine that with some top notch instruction from some A-List Poker Pros, and we think these players will have the time of their lives.”

All of the contestants will win their place by winning an online poker tournament, the first of which will be awarded to the winner of the Online Forum Challenge at Reefer Poker.

The show will be available to view by visiting Details on how to qualify are also available from that address.

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