Rossiter Hot in Macau

Rossiter Hot in Macau

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Macau’s APPT event has attracted a number of high profile players this week with the likes of Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Eugene Katchalov, Johnny Chan and Joseph Cheong all making an appearance.

However, despite the more familiar names on display, it was Jeffrey Rossiter who claimed the first tournament on offer. Dubbed the “warm-up” event, the $25,000 (HKD) tournament attracted 358 runners, pushing the prizepool to almost $8 million (HKD) or just over $1 million US.

While there was a host of local grinders vying for the title, the final table was a veritable melting pot of nationalities. On display were representatives from Germany, the UK, the US, China, Russia, Canada and Australia.

The lone British player, Adam Latimer, managed an 8th place finish for $27,628 (USD), just behind Johnny Chan who took home $37,372 (USD) for his 7th place finish. Once play reached three-handed it looked as though Joseph Cheong would take it down. However, Rossiter had other ideas and after dispatching with Cheong, he went on quickly scoop the remainder of David Martiroysan’s chips. The win netted him his second live victory and $227,821 (USD).

1. Jeffrey Rossiter (Australia) -- $1,777,000 (HKD); $227,821 (USD)
2. David Martiroysan (Russia) -- $1,226,000 (HKD); $157,179 (USD)
3. Joseph Cheong (Canada) -- $731,000 (HKD); $93,718 (USD)
4. Rong Fan (China) -- $579,000 (HKD); $74,231 (USD)
5. Daoxing "Bobo" Chen (China) -- $459,000 (HKD); $58,846 (USD)
6. Andrey Shatilov (Russia) -- $375,000 (HKD); $48,077 (USD)
7. Johnny Chan (U.S.) -- $291,500 (HKD); $37,372 (USD)
8. Adam Latimer (U.K.) -- $215,500 (HKD); $27,628 (USD)
9. Jan Zeuschner (Germany) -- $175,500 (HKD); $22,500 (USD)

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