Roland de Wolfe Accused of Collusion

Roland de Wolfe Accused of Collusion

Monday, 15 September 2014

Affable poker pro Roland de Wolfe has been caught up in a £10 million lawsuit after being accused of colluding with Josh Gould in a high stakes poker game.

According to a recent report in The Telegraph, de Wolfe and fellow poker pro, Gould, have been accused by Iraj Parvizi of colluding during a string of games inside London's Les Ambassadeurs Club between 2010 and 2013.

The allegation came to light after Parvizi countersued the exclusive London casino after a £185,000 debt went unpaid. Parvizi initially refused to pay one of his cash game debts, prompting the casino to file a lawsuit against him.

Hitting back, the financial investor filed his own lawsuit against the casino for failing to prevent "collusion and cheating" during its games.

At the centre of Parvizi's claim are de Wolfe and Gould who he believes worked together to gain an unfair advantage. To aid his allegation, Parvizi used an ex-professional poker cheat, Richard Marcus, to study CCTV footage of the game. After reviewing the tape, Marcus concluded that the game was "utterly corrupted by collusion".

After learning of the lawsuit, Les Ambassadeurs stated that the allegations are "absurd". Adding to that, an anonymous high roller in the game has claimed Parvizi is a "terrible" player and "no one would need to cheat" to beat him.

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