Rogue trader banks on taking down CelebPoker €1m guaranteed

Rogue trader banks on taking down CelebPoker €1m guaranteed

Friday, 5 December 2008

Nick Leeson has had a roller-coaster of a life. In 1995 he was appointed as manager of Ireland’s Galway United FC, which would be enough for most people. He is more famous, however, with playing a spectacular and catastrophic role in the collapse of Barings Bank, personal bank to Queen Elizabeth II.

Since then, a multitude of questions have been asked – how could one man bring down the banking empire that funded the Napoleonic wars? Where is this rogue trader? Well… he’s playing poker, now.

Leeson is back – and this time he’s determined to take down the €1000+50 CelebPoker €1M Guaranteed, which runs on 14th December 2008. After serving six and-a-half years in abysmal conditions in Singaporean jail, he was diagnosed with colon cancer and his wife left him. Note to Mike Matusow: THAT is unlucky. Leeson is now happily living with his second wife and three children in Ireland, so he’s ridden out the downswing to say the least.

Nick delivers lectures to financial institutions, banks and businesses around the world. He also addresses universities and has spoken at the Oxford Union, Trinity College Dublin and the University College Cork. The tournament, in which he says he can give pros a run for their money, begins December 14th.

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