Robert Baguley wins UKIPT Nottingham for £210,400

Robert Baguley wins UKIPT Nottingham for £210,400

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Robert Baguley, a 60-year-old retired pub landlord, has won the largest-ever UKIPT tournament at DTD in Nottingham and with it a first prize of £210,400 after defeating the dominant Iqbal Ahmed heads-up.

Ahmed arrived at the final table with over a quarter of the chips and went heads-up on the right side of a 2:1 chip advantage. However within less than an hour Baguley had flipped that around, winning two pots to take his own chip lead.

In the final hand, Baguley opened the button and Ahmed shoved with J7o. Baguley called with ATo and held on a board of T46. The 6 turn and K river did nothing for Ahmed, who had to settle for second place and £125,000.

1 - Robert Baguley, United Kingdom, £210,400
2 - Iqbal Ahmed, United Kingdom, £125,000
3 - Grant Pirie, United Kingdom, £96,700
4 - Barry McMahon, Ireland, £79,600
5 - Hasmukh Khodiyara, United Kingdom, £62,500
6 - Nick Woodward, United Kingdom, £45,500
7 - James Cummings, United Kingdom, £34,000
8 - Ian Senior, United Kingdom, £22,750

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