Riots Force Russian Poker Tour Stop to be Cancelled

Riots Force Russian Poker Tour Stop to be Cancelled

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Things got a little out of control at the Russian Poker Tour's event in the Ukraine earlier this week as the pro-European riots forced both the players and organisers to take shelter inside the casino.

After descending upon Kiev's Khreschatyk Club for the opening event of the RPT's fifth season, the organisers soon realised the demonstrations in the Ukrainian capital were getting out of hand. As a result they locked the doors and told players they would have to stay inside for their own safety.

Now forced to discuss whether or not to postpone the event, the staff gave all the players free food and drink while they plotted their next move.
In a statement to Pokernews, the festival's tournament director, Oleg Udovenko, said that "everyone is tired" but some are "still trying to play poker".

However, last night the RPT's website warned players to stay away from the event amid fears the violence would continue to hamper proceedings.
It also added a note to say sorry to the players and that the event has now been cancelled. Moreover, the organisers are advising all players to leave Kiev for their own safety.

Looking at the pictures below we can understand why.

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