Rio Thefts Cause Concern at WSOP

Rio Thefts Cause Concern at WSOP

Friday, 30 May 2014

The air of excitement inside the Rio was slightly dashed yesterday after news surfaced that a spate of alleged thefts had taken place during Day 3 of the series.

Whilst no one was actually accosted and held at gunpoint, it appears that player's rooms inside the Rio had been broken into and a selection of valuable items stolen.

The news first broke when Lauri Pesonen tweeted that both his room, along with Joni Jouhkimainen's room, had been broken into whilst they were playing downstairs and their laptops taken.

Despite a number of other items being on display, such as wallets and iPads, the thieves seemed to target the laptops and make a swift exit.
The news quickly spread across the community before Manh Nguyen added his name to the list of victims. After returning to his room he found a large amount of cash (around $35,000) was missing and urged people on Twitter to take note.

As yet there have been no other reports of theft and the Rio's security team are looking into the incidents, but it's fair to say the incident has caused some concern amongst those inside the Rio.

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