Rinat Bogdanov wins WPT Venice Grand Prix

Rinat Bogdanov wins WPT Venice Grand Prix

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Rinat Bogdanov has won the WPT Venice Grand Prix. The Russian beat a final table that included long time chip leaders Simon Ravnsbaek and Andrea Dato to earn by far the biggest pay day in his fledgling poker career.

After Dato lost a flip to bow out in third it was left to Bogdanov, a stockbroker by trade with just a few small cashes to his name, and Alessandro Longobardi to battle it out for the title. Heads up play was of the blink and you'll miss it variety, reaching a conclusion after just two hands. Bogdanov called the Italian's initial pre flop raise and check called Longobardi's continuation bet on a Q-4-7 board. The Russian once again check called on the 6s turn. The river was the 4s. Bogdanov once again checked. Longobardi bet 300,000 and the Russian moved all in. Longobardi made the call and revealed KQ for two pair, good but not good enough to beat Bogdanov's full house with an unlikely holding of 6-4.

Bogdanov took home €229,800 for his efforts with Longobardi walking away with a none tool shabby €111,700.

The final table positions and payouts were as follows:

1st: Rinat Bogdanov – $302,065
2nd: Alessandro Longobardi – $146,826
3rd: Andrea Dato – $95,003
4th: Simon Ravnsbaek – $69,095
5th: Gianluca Trebbi – $56,134
6th: Andrea Carini – $42,319

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