Rheem Leads WPT Finale

Rheem Leads WPT Finale

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

As Chino Rheem rose to the top of yesterday’s WPT finale chip counts, the likes of Jake Cody and Andy Frankenberger found themselves missing the money by just a few places.

Day 4 of this year’s WPT World Championship Main Event produced a number of high profile eliminations as 24 players whittled themselves down past the bubble and to just eight survivors.

Jake Cody was one of the hopefuls at the start of play but with around 30 big blinds to work with he was going to need some luck to stay in touch with the leading pack. A positive start to the day saw Cody increase his stack a little, but as the session evolved he found himself all-in and in trouble against Chino Rheem.

With his stack dwindling he eventually moved all-in with Jd Td and despite hitting top pair on a Ts 9h 6c flop he found himself well behind Rheem’s set of nines. The Ks and Js on the turn and river brought the hand to an end and sent Cody to the rail three places short of the money.

As Cody watched from the rail it was Hyon Kim who become the bubble boy after his pocket tens ran into the pocket queens of Dan Shak. With no reprieve from the dealer, Kim hit the rail in 16th place and gifted everyone else a payout of at least $49,210.

By the time the tournament director called time on yesterday’s session Chino Rheem had managed to scoop 4,839,000 chips and top the table ahead of Erick Lindgren (2,518,000) and Jonathan Roy (1,987,000).

Also still in contention when the action resumes later today is WPT Venice winner Rocco Palumbo (680,000) and Daniel Negreanu (545,000).

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