Reynolds Rocks Luton with GUKPT Win

Reynolds Rocks Luton with GUKPT Win

Monday, 20 October 2014

The GUKPT's latest stop came to a conclusion in Luton last night after Adam Reynolds completed his journey past 218 players in the £1,000 Main Event.

Traditionally one of the most popular legs of the GUKPT, Luton welcomed a host of domestic legends, including Zimnan Ziyard who managed to make it through the masses and onto Sunday's final table.

Despite not dominating the preceding action, Ziyard was certainly one of the favourites as the action got underway, not least because he already has a string of EPT titles to his name. However, reputation can only get you so far at the poker table and for Ziyard that meant fourth place overall.

After calling Reynolds' pre-flop raise with pocket jacks, Ziyard reluctantly engaged in a post-flop betting war that saw him move all-in with the board showing Ac 2c 9h. A quick call from Reynolds with As Jc meant Ziyard had just one out to survive, but as the Ad and 6s landed on the turn and river he was quickly shown the exit.

With Ziyard out and Panny Ellinas following suit in third, it was time for Reynolds and Phil Corion to discuss a deal. Unlike some negotiations that involve some complex ICM calculations, this deal was sorted with a simple: "why don't we take £50k each and play for the change" from Reynolds.

"Yeah, sounds good to me" was the reply for Corion and that was it. With an extra £3,500 and a seat in the £2,000 GUKPT Grand Final to play for the match was on. From the start it was Reynolds with the advantage and with 45 minutes of play complete he captured his first GUKPT title after his Ad 4d held on its lead over Corion's Qd Td.

As his opponent made his exit stage left, Reynolds posed for a quick winners shot before heading off to collect his trophy, ticket for the GUKPT Grand Final and £53,000 top prize.

GUKPT Luton £1,000 Main Event Final Result:

1st – £53,500 – Adam Reynolds
2nd – £50,000 – Phil Corion
3rd – £25,600 – Panny Ellinas
4th – £16,700 – Zimnan Ziyard
5th – £11,300 – Richard Pipe
6th – £8,600 – Todd Cairns
7th – £6,800 – Gabrielle Carter
8th – £5,400 – Carlo Citrone
9th – £4,600 – Vaidas Siriunas

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