Reid/Kyl Bill Re-aligned for Players

Reid/Kyl Bill Re-aligned for Players

Monday, 22 October 2012

The hopes of online poker players across the United States received a boost recently as an updated version of the Reid/Kyl bill was obtained by the Poker Players Alliance.

A draft of the legal document was first leaked back in September and contained a clause which would see any player with funds on an unregulated site penalised:

“To deter U.S. players from patronizing illegal sites, the bill makes explicit that any property involved in or traceable to a gambling transaction in violation of the new act (including winnings) is subject to forfeiture.”

However, a more recent version has emerged with such a clause removed. Rich Muny for the PPA explained that there would be “no criminal penalties for players”.

This came as welcome news to those in the community who’ve continued to ply their trade online since US regulation prevented it.

The bill is now circulating various forums thanks to Quadjacks. The site has managed to obtain a physical copy and have published it online.

Contained within the document are a number of points, including how cheating and fraud should be defined, as well as how only online poker should be allowed and not any other forms of virtual betting.

The other interesting clause to be outlined in the bill is that Nevada will be the state put in charge of the industry once regulation is passed at a federal level.

Commenting on the bill’s chances of success, Rich Muny said: “I think we’re still a coin flip or better for now.”

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