Reece is London’s National WPT Champ

Reece is London’s National WPT Champ

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Reece Lewis became the first WPT National London Main Event winner last night after an impressive performance at the final table.

Although he was nestled in third place at the start of the finale, all eyes were on Rasmus Larsen and Elior Sion who held over 55% of the chips in play between them.

A head start can only help you so much though and as the tournament progressed it became clear that Lewis wasn’t going to let the dominant duo run away with the title. Indeed, from the very start of the match Lewis was involved in the action. After making it to the turn with pocket kings, Lewis was happy to call Emma Tolley’s all-in with pocket nines. With the board reading 2c 6h 3h 3s only a nine on the river could save Emma and severely dent Lewis’s stack.

Fortunately for Lewis the river was a blank and he was now in a strong position to challenge for the title. As more players fell, including Wang Weikang and Rasmus Larsen in the same hand, it was Robin Fisher who enjoyed a brief surge. After watching Black Belt Poker’s Kevin Williams 3-bet all-in with Kc 10c, Fisher called with Kd Jd before rivering a straight to take the pot.

Fisher’s stint as executioner was short-lived though as Lewis resumed his quest for the title, first elimination Fisher and then dispatching with Sion. Having ground his opponent down to a handful of chips, Lewis was able to easily call Sion’s all-in thanks to having a pair of aces in the hole. With his opponent holding Ac 10h, the board did little to overhaul Lewis’s advantage and after the river had fallen it was time for the young player to collect the winner’s trophy and £80,000.

1st – Reece Lewis: £80,000
2nd – Elior Sion: £54,150
3rd – Robin Fisher: £34,000
4th – Kevin Williams: £25,000
5th – Rasmus Larsen: £19,000
6th – Wang Weikang: £15,000
7th – Carlo Citrone: £12,500
8th – Emma Tolley: £10,000

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