RedTooth Pub Poker Prize Pool Increased to £80,000

RedTooth Pub Poker Prize Pool Increased to £80,000

Monday, 28 September 2009

RedTooth, the largest pub poker league in the UK with over 65,000 players, has heard some good news after recent changes in live poker legislation – since their national final is played in a casino and not a pub, they can offer a much large prize pool – to the tune of £80,000; in fact.

Martin Green, director of RedTooth Poker, said: “Prior to the new guidance all prize money was limited to the strict rules on stakes and cash payouts governing poker in pubs, even when playing the National Final in a licensed casino venue.

“Now, this grey area has been clarified, I’m delighted to say that we can now also continue to give away £1,000 at every one of our 68 regional finals but can increase the prize money to £12,000 on the National Final day.”

Last year, RedTooth players competed for a share of £53,000. Now it has been increased by more than one-third to £80,000 – the overall champion will take home £5,000.

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