Record-Breaking Goliath

Record-Breaking Goliath

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The sixth annual edition of the Goliath poker tournament series finished over the weekend with its main event attracting some 5,232 entries to create a prize pool worth £523,200 ($680,421).

Tournament organiser Grosvenor Casinos revealed that the main event field for this year’s Goliath, which took place at the Grosvenor Casino Coventry inside the Midlands city’s Ricoh Arena, numbered 1,000 more than in 2015 and was eventually topped by London native Vamshi Vandanapu following a three-way deal.

“A huge congratulations to Londoner Vamshi Vandanapu for finishing on top and earning £62,750 and taking home the much coveted trophy,” read a statement from Grosvenor Casinos.

“Vamshi, the second information technologies consultant to win this event in as many years, has been playing poker for a number of years after being introduced by his friends. He can usually be found at his local, The Poker Room, located above the Grosvenor Casino Victoria.”

At just before eight o’clock in the evening on Sunday, the remaining three Goliath main event players agreed a deal that saw each secure £50,000 ($65,027) while leaving £12,750 ($16,582) on the table for which to play. When the dust settled, 44-year-old Irishman Robbie Richwood finished as the runner-up while 33-year-old Romania-born Cristian Popescu was third. Both left the Ricoh Arena £50,000 better off, which was a substantial improvement on their original investment of £120 ($156).

“I never imagined I’d be the remaining one [and] I just played it one hand at a time,” said Vamshi.

The final table additionally showcased the huge diversity of players who attend these events and included 44-year-old Birmingham teacher William Campbell, who finished in fourth spot for £27,000 ($35,114), as well as fifth-placed Tom Powell, a 21-year-old bartender who recently became a father and is now richer to the tune of £18,850 ($24,515).

Thirty-three-year-old Graeme Evans from Horsham ended the night in sixth spot and now plans to use some of his £13,400 ($17,427) prize for a deposit on a new home.

There was £10,450 ($13,590) in cash for professional poker player Luke Winsley after he finished in seventh while Sheffield student Craig Drew collected £8,600 ($11,184) for eighth.

Goliath Main Event Final Results:

1. Vamshi Vandanapu - £62,750

2. Robbie Richwood - £50,000

3. Cristian Popescu - £50,000

4. William Campbell - £27,000

5. Tom Powell - £18,850

6. Graeme Evans - £13,400

7. Luke Winsley - £10,450

8. Craig Drew - £8,600

9. Jonathan Mellor - £7,400

10. Daniel Andrew Corbett - £6,400

“Every year, Grosvenor Casinos strives to put together an unparalleled week of poker festivities offering top-class entertainment as well as the best tournament and cash poker Europe has to offer,” read the statement from Grosvenor Casinos.

“All that hard work and dedication put in by Grosvenor Casinos staff, from both behind the scenes and those working the tournament floor, is worth every single minute when we see our customers making the most of that experience. Grosvenor Casinos wants to thank all our players for supporting Goliath as well as our other poker tours. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.”

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