launches revolutionary new online poker room launches revolutionary new online poker room

Monday, 7 June 2010

Gioia International has announced the launch of its revolutionary new online poker room The site offer something truly unique in that it uses real cards rather than random number generators. The new system offers a number of extra features that are not usually found in online games including burn cards, a cut function, a real scramble, plus the ability to audit entire deck arrays.

Gene Gioia, Founder and CEO of Gioia International Limited explains why he built this concept: “There are many players who have quit playing online and thousands more who will not play due to concerns of fairness. There’s also a tremendous amount of current players who distrust the current games or question results that are frequently seen. Being a player myself, I saw this as a challenge and an opportunity to provide a game with systems in place that left no doubt about the fairness and provided players a way to verify the results.   The only way to accomplish that was to replicate the game played in casinos, homes, and card rooms by dealing real decks of cards and having the ability to provide post game certification and audit procedures that would assure the fairness of every game played with our systems. We have accomplished something no one thought was possible. 

Our system is capable of delivering unique decks of real cards at the same level and speed that is currently available through the use of RNG’s.  Players can choose (for a fee) to have an audit completed if they question the results of any game dealt with our system.  If the game results can not be verified through the examination of a pre-determined specific set of criteria by the 3rd party examiner, we will pay the player requesting the audit 100 times the fee charged and return every player in the hand the money they lost in that game.  We have placed the burden directly on us to provide this level of assurance to our players.  I challenge anyone to find a flaw or defect in this system or one that works better and provides the same level of assurances that we have put in place.

This is history in the making. It took five years to develop something I’m very passionate about and I’m finally ready to offer a truly fair game of poker online. Best of luck to all, and I’m confident you will not find a better game available.”

The new system scrambles, shuffles and deals real decks of cards, digitizes the results and then translates them to its online poker table games via a computer programme. Take a look at the new software by visiting

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