Ray Foley Wins Event #39 - $1,500 NLHE

Ray Foley Wins Event #39 - $1,500 NLHE

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The $1,500 No-Limit Hold ‘em events always have a monstrous turnout and Event #39 was no different – 2,714 players entered the tournament to create a gigantic prize pool. In the end it was won by Ray Foley who defeated Ultimate Bet’s Brandon Cantu to take the bracelet.

Having survived Day One, the Michigan native began to shine on Day Two and use his chip stack to dominate his tables. For much of Day Two he was chip leader until someone pipped him to the post at the last hour. Fighting his way through three tough tables he got to the final where, luckily, he was to the left of Brandon Cantu.

The last hand came half an hour into heads-up play as Cantu moved all his chips in with K9. Foley called with TT but a K-high flop spelled disaster. A miracle ten on the river ended the tournament.

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