Ray Bitar pleads for judge to have a heart

Ray Bitar pleads for judge to have a heart

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The former Chief Executive Officer for FullTilt Poker, Ray Bitar, appears to have come to an agreement with law enforcement officials in the United States that will see him avoid prison.

Bitar was facing a substantial fine and a prison sentence over the FullTilt Poker scandal but has now reportedly come to a compromise that will see him side-step incarceration.

Recent reports have federal prosecutors stating that they do not intend to contest a lack of prison time in Bitar’s plea although the final say will be down to Judge Loretta A Preska as she could still institute a jail term.

One of the main stipulations in Bitar’s plea is that he will have to pay around $40 million in assets including two of his person properties.

In addition, it’s recently come to light that Bitar has suffered a serious heart ailment that, if left untreated, could kill him in under a year. At the moment he is classed as a high priority case and is waiting to see if he can get a transplant, which would almost certainly not take place if he were to go to prison.

Whether or not this news will influence the overall ruling isn’t yet known although Bitar will not be attending his next hearing, opting instead to take part in proceedings via video link.

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