Rational Group Wins In Court

Rational Group Wins In Court

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The parent company for PokerStars, Rational Group, has secured another legal victory in the United States after being challenged by a group of losing players in Illinois.

Responding to the legal case brought by Kelly Sonnenberg acting on behalf of the disgruntled players, Rational Group reported that its move for a dismal was accepted by Judge David Herdon.

The Illinois contingent had attempted to sue Rational Group in order to reclaim all of the funds they had lost while PokerStars was active in the United States market. Although the idea of legal loss protections might be something many players would support, the judge ultimately decided there was no validity to the claims and dismissed the case.

The news of Rational Group’s latest win is not only positive for the company but for other online operators who once held a footing in the United States. Indeed, with operators now seemingly free to ignore any similar legal challenges in the future, this could mean the situation in the country develops into something even more positive over the coming months.

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