RankingHero Launches Hero Score

RankingHero Launches Hero Score

Thursday, 21 May 2015

The battle for ever more accurate poker rankings has been taken to new heights in recent months and as a response to this desire for more comprehensive breakdowns, RankingHero.com has unveiled a new product, the Hero Score ratings.

The new system goes beyond the norm and, instead of simply ranking players according to how much they've spent and earned, the system takes into account a range of factors to determine who the real heroes are.

Describing HeroScore as a "three dimensional" ranking system, the stat gurus at RankingHero have decided to focus on the results, popularity and contribution of a player to accurately determine how they are ranked against their peers. Through a combination of aggregated public data and a sophisticated algorithm, HeroScore's preparatory software can accurately determine the influence and prestige of a particular player.

While other ranking systems have been criticised for being somewhat elitist and placing too much emphasis on professional tournaments, RankingHero has worked hard to create a more holistic system.

Now, in conjunction with Bluff Europe, HeroScore is aiming to find out which players are among the most successful in the game using the following three-step process:

The results dimension is based on lifetime results, live & online. Players can add their online name to the system if it's not already included and it will then take note of all the scores you hit, regardless of how big or small.

The popularity dimension is heavily dependent on a player's community following. HeroScore takes public data from social networks, poker communities and other indicators to measure which poker players receive the most attention from their peers.

The contribution dimension focuses on achievements in poker beyond playing. Whether it's publishing strategy videos, working for a poker company or posting on poker forums, the system will take note of all these things and give players a score based on the amount of social influence they have.

Those numbers are then crunched by the Ranking Hero algorithms to produce a table which is currently topped by Phil Ivey followed by Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth and Doyle Brunson. Rounding out the Hero Score magnificent seven are Patrick Bruel and Antonio Esfandiari.

Chris Moorman tops the UK rankings with Sam Trickett, Liv Boeree, Victoria Coren-Mitchell and the late, great Dave Ulliott also in the top five.

It's not just poker royalty who can get involved. You can join the action too.

“With HeroScore, RankingHero becomes the place for all players to see how they fare against their mates and idols and how they can better their impact on the community,” read a statement from creators Nicolas Levi and Pedro Canali. “It is a tool for influencers to better serve the industry. As friends of RankingHero and leaders in your space, we personally count on you. Give us a hand, be it by relaying this message or suggesting improvements, or becoming an official partner. We need you more than ever, contact us to get more information.

Whether you're a high roller or someone just starting out in the game, HeroScore is designed to recognise your efforts and the company behind it believes this will change the way people view player rankings in the coming years.

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