Raine Hilson wins Betfred Ladies’ Tour Maidenhead

Raine Hilson wins Betfred Ladies’ Tour Maidenhead

Thursday, 12 August 2010

In a male-dominated industry such as poker it’s nice to have something for the ladies - at least that’s what UK bookie and online poker room BetFred thinks as their Ladies’ Poker Tour concluded yesterday in Maidenhead.

It was Raine Hilson that took the top honours in Maidenhead and she will join Diane Amber, Louise Atkinson and Helena Brett at the Grand Final as well as pocket herself a tidy £2,230 payday.

“I was so happy to win,” said Raine, who since 2008 has been unable to match her third place finish in Birmingham. “I’ve been telling everyone what a good player I am and now I’ve proved it!

“I had a feeling it might be my day when I was dealt pocket kings in the very first hand. And there was another lucky omen when I put my iPod on shuffle and the very first track to come on was the Robbie Williams song ‘She’s The One’. Robbie also came on first the last time I had a big win.”

Six other players will join Hilson and the others at the Grand Final on November 20th and you can, providing you have inside bits instead of dangly bits, qualify for future events and your chance at a Grand Final seat at BetFred.

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