Questionable decision at Aussie Millions

Questionable decision at Aussie Millions

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Event #10 at the 2010 Aussie Millions was a shootout tournament with a $550 buy-in played on PokerPro electronic tables. According to one disgruntled poster on Two Plus Two, it lead to an – if true – insane floor decision.

Apparently during play, three screens froze on the PokerPro tables while the action continued around the helpless players. The technicians and tournament staff of course rushed over.

“The floor paused the play on all tables and tried to fix these 3 terminals,” writes the poster, pr0digy. “When they found out they can't fix the problem you might think the only legitimate decision would be to refund these 3 guys. But what they did was just breathtaking: They reset the whole tournament.”

Apparently this involved bringing big stacks down to the starting stacks, increasing shortstacks to the same and even finding players that had busted out of the tournament to try and get them to play again.

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