Pub poker game busted

Pub poker game busted

Monday, 29 October 2012

Pub poker leagues might be a common site across the country and barring any criminal plays from some of the less than skilled participants, there’s usually little cause for the police to get involved.

However, across the Atlantic that’s not the case as Florida game was busted by the authorities in a Hollywood style bust.

Dubbed “Operation Cracked Aces”, a group of armed guards swooped on Louie’s Grill and Sports Bar in Tampa, Florida because of an ongoing poker game. Playing under the Nutz Poker League banner, the game contained no cash prizes with the only incentive for players being the love of the game and some low value prizes.

Despite that fact the 140 runners were subjected to an interrogation by the police as they looked to crackdown on illegal poker games in the state.
Speaking to the Tampa Bay Times following the raid, one player said: “It was something out of a bad movie, with masks and guns out. They made everyone feel like we were really criminals."

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