Pros Scoop Prizes in Unconventional Ways

Pros Scoop Prizes in Unconventional Ways

Friday, 17 May 2013

An interesting series of events occurring in PokerStars SCOOP festival recently after two players shared dramatically different final table experiences.

With Event #8 drawing to a close and four players, including Sam Grafton, left vying for the title in the $2,100 tournament, thoughts soon turned to a deal.

However, while each player was keen to talk, the tournament didn’t pause because “donki4” was unable to press the necessary button. The reason for his inability to deal: he was on his phone at work.

The Finnish player had managed to make it to the final table (and hold the chip lead) of the $1 million guaranteed event by playing on his phone whilst grinding his day job.

Fortunately for him a member of staff was able to manually pause the tournament and after a round of discussions he was able to bank $180,036.

Although he was unable to finish the tournament on top, eventually losing heads-up to “Sobizzle” ($144,409), his story is certainly one of the most interesting to come out of this year’s online festival.

While “donki4” was grinding on the go, Brian “$tinger 88” Hastings was going through a different final table experience. After a lengthy battle in Event #11, Hastings found himself suffering the effects of fatigue much more than he would have liked.

Despite building up a healthy stack his concentrated waned and before he knew it he had fallen asleep. By the time he awoke (10 minutes after the tournament had finished), he’d been blinded out in fourth place which was good enough for $13,200.

Not every SCOOP final table has ended in such unconventional fashion, indeed, already the series has seen the likes of Benny Spindler (Event #1 H - $301,040), Sami Kelopuro (Event #3 H - $143,295) and Ana Marquez Event #5 H - $255,035) secure impressive wins.

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