Poorya Nazari Wins 2009 PCA

Poorya Nazari Wins 2009 PCA

Monday, 12 January 2009

Don’t ask us how an event called the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure gets its winner a European Poker Tour title but it does. Going further into it would bring up ethical questions about the commonwealth and the British Empire so let’s just settle with the fact that Poorya Nazari has won $3,000,000.

The Canadian qualified to the event in a rebuy online qualifier that cost him a total of $700 to enter. We’d say $2,999,300 net profit isn’t too shabby for a few days’ work. The funnily-named Canadian bested 1,346 other players to take down the multi-million dollar first prize.

It took four-and-a-half hours for play to go from three-handed to heads-up but after Benny Spindler finished third for $1.1m Nazari took only a few hands to win. Tony Gregg got it in pre-flop with Q7o but was bested by Nazari’s AT, which flopped top pair; top kicker to take down the event and $3m. Gregg received $1.7m for his efforts.

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