Policy Changes afoot at iPoker

Policy Changes afoot at iPoker

Thursday, 20 November 2014

iPoker is set to change the way it calculates the revenues for each of its skins.

According to various sources, from January 2015, iPoker will switch to a Source Based Rake. In a nutshell, the new system will calculate how much of a player's deposit on a particular skin end up as revenue.

This will contrast with the old system that simply calculated a skin's profits by looking at the rake achieved by players that belonged to their portal.

The change is designed to make the system less focused on high rollers and more on the general playing public. In the past it was the case that iPoker skins would focus on trying to attract high rollers (that didn't deposit very much) because it meant a greater amount of rake and, therefore, more revenue for the skin.

However, under the new system the amount of revenue the skin is allocated each month will be the result of deposits and a player's rake contribution.

The announcement of Source Based Rake has led many in the industry to speculate that the two tier system currently in place at iPoker will be removed which would mean a greater amount of overall liquidity for smaller skins.

One thing iPoker has been keen to stress is that the amount of rake players currently pay won't go up and there are no plans to change the VIP program following the implementation of Source Based Rake.

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