Rigg vs Carter

Rigg vs Carter

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Following a mistake earlier caused by a misdeal, Dan will be happy to have doubled up from Paul Rigg

That is until the next hand when he gives them right back

Hand 1:

Daniel raises to 75k and Paul calls Flop 6d As 3c

Daniel bets 82k and Paul calls Turn 8s

Dan checks and Paul moves all in

Daniel snap calls with his remaining 436k and we they are on their backs. Daniel Ac Jd and Paul Qs 6s

River 4h and Daniel doubles up

Hand 2:

Dan Carter raises to 66,000 and Paul Rigg moves all in

Dan Ad 9d Paul Rigg 3s 3d

Flop 2s Qc Jc Turn 7s River 10h

Daniel hands Paul back his chips

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