Level 6

Level 6

Friday, 9 April 2010

Currently 130 runners left, we nearly have everyone in the same room

Paul Jackson is still sitting pretty and is plodding away

We had a little excitement on my table:

UTG raises 2.5x bb I comment that I notice this is the third time he has raised my bb from under the gun

Player in mid position reraises and I say that I need Aces or better to call

I look down and find QQ. I decide to flat call, as I'm out of position and really don't know whether UTG has genuinely found a hand this time

I got my answer when he re pops it to 9,000

Mid Position ums and ahs and decides to put his remaining 9,000 chips into play.

This is my cue to fold my Queens

UTG shows AA mid position made a great call with JJ

First card out Ace Spades

Well played that man!

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