End of Level 4 Standings

End of Level 4 Standings

Thursday, 8 April 2010

So we have lost Julian 'Yo-Yo' Thew and local lovely, Dave Smith

Tristan Taylor is currently chip leader and is steadily and, it seems, easily building his stack

Blinds are now 150/300 with a running ante of 25

Chip leaders at the end of Level 4 are:

Tristan Taylor - 68,000

Anton Lynn - 61,000

Rob Sampson - 61,000

With 140 players left, the average 20,500 chips is still a very comfortable stack to be playing.

From Vaidas who was one of the previous chipleaders:
He raised me yeah, and I thought, no yeah? And I reraised him yeah? Flop was K Q 6 yeah? I got A 6 yeah? He bet I reraised him yeah. He goes all in yeah? He had pocket kings. Sigh.....
Gotta love him!

I'm still waiting for something explosive to happen - and when it does you'll get it here first!

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