End of Level 2 Top Counts

End of Level 2 Top Counts

Thursday, 8 April 2010

We're at the end of Level 2

Players are now on a 15 minute break

Top 3:

Gulam Sadiq - 34,000

Tristan Taylor - 33,000

John McGoldrick - 32,000

Julian 'Yo-Yo' Thew is sitting with 19,000

We had some action on table 19 just before the end of the level

On flop of 3 Q 9 there was a bet, raise, reraise and call

The turn was a 4 and all the chips went into the middle

Patrick Andrew shows a set of 3s and Rob Sampson shows a set of 9s. Rob leaves Patrick with a damaged stack

We had some humour on table 12, surprisingly it was a German who had the table in stitches. I love to see cliches broken...

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