Chip Counts Level 7

Chip Counts Level 7

Thursday, 8 April 2010

The blinds are now 200/400 ante 50

Tristan Taylor still holds the chip lead with 67,000 vs the average stack of 24,500

We have 117 of the 191 runners left, hoping to make it through another two levels to come back on Saturday for Day 2

A few of the old stallions have bolted and at the moment it's looking like a four horse race.....

Chip leader is Tristan Taylor, from New Zealand, who has consistently been in the top 3 from the start of this tournament and has 67,000 chips

Ben Sweetman, a local and Broadway regular, is only a nose behind with 64,000 chips

Rupinder 'George2Loose' is starting to make a stand and currently has 61,000 in his saddlebag

And bringing up the rear of the Top 4 is James Hopping with a stack of 60,000

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