Booth all in two hands in row

Booth all in two hands in row

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Andrew Booth has managed to get his chips into the middle two hands in a row.

First time he was behind and doubled up, second time he was ahead and gets knocked out

Hand 1

Andrew Booth moves all in for 101,000 and gets called by Ben Dobson

Booth Ah Jh Dobson Ad Qd

Flop 2h Js Kc

Turn Ah River 6c

Andrew doubles up

Hand 2

The very next hand Andrew Booth is all for 244,000 and Joe Grech calls

Booth Qc Qs Grech Ah Qh

Flop As 6c 8s

Turn 7h

River 9d

Andrew leaves us in 9th place and heads back to Liverpool £3,500 better off

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