PokerStars seats on offer at

PokerStars seats on offer at

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Online penny auction site has signed a deal with PokerStars which will enable it to offer a number of daily auctions for the Sunday Quarter Million and Daily $90,000 tournaments.

Players logging on at can bid for seats and bag a buy in for a bargain price. One lucky bidder, "tlofts" has already managed to do just that, gaining a seat in the Sunday Quarter Million for just $1.01, a discount of 90.82%.

“Bidibot saved ‘tlofts’ a huge percentage off the cost of a tournament that regularly gets 3,000 players. I am confident that no on else has gotten as good a deal as ‘tlofts’ for Sunday’s most popular tournament” according to Bidibot founder John Tabatabai.

Other goodies that have recently gone for bargain prices include iPads, iPhones, a Nintendo Wii as well as online casino credits and tournament entries.

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