PokerStars restricts Chinese players

PokerStars restricts Chinese players

Thursday, 18 November 2010

China is noted for its one child only policy. Now, PokerStars is taking a leaf out of the Beijing book by limiting Chinese players to one at its ring tables.

PokerStars has taken the drastic move after experiencing major problems with collusion involving Chinese players. The online giant instituted a similar rule for its sit-and-go tournaments in late-August after uncovering a similar conspiracy involving China-based players at its popular double-or-nothing games. As a result, the site was reportedly forced to pay out $2.1 million in compensation to affected players.

Players based in China reported receiving the following message from PokerStars Support Team:

“PokerStars has introduced a new security feature which prevents players from certain countries playing at the same ring game table. This restriction means that only one player from each of these countries is able to play at the same ring game table.

“You are able to play at any ring game table you wish, but once you are seated no other player from your country will be able to join the table. Similarly, if another player from your country is seated, you will be unable to join that table until they leave.

“We regret the inconvenience that this has caused you, but this policy has been implemented to enhance the integrity of the games.

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