PokerStars processing cashouts for US players

PokerStars processing cashouts for US players

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

That sound you heard yesterday from across the Atlantic was the sound of tens of thousands of people cheering as PokerStars announced to US players that cashouts were being processed by direct bank transfer.

Last week the site and the Department of Justice both stated that returning players’ funds was a number one priority. On the Two Plus Two Pokercast, representative of PokerStars Steve “ackbleh” Day reassured players that PokerStars would be processing cashouts within the next few days.

Now many US players have cashed out their funds after being directed to a “forced cashout” screen stating that: “Due to government regulations, you must cash out your entire account balance.” This is of course a huge relief to the SuperNova Elite gunners and the grinders who have huge amounts of money online. As for FPPs, which are worth several cents apiece, no word is forthcoming.

US players received an e-mail from PokerStars stating that the cashier is available and that it is “strongly recommended that [US players] use the bank transfer option. ... due to the high volume of cashout requests we anticipate a delay in processing delivery of funds.

“Rest assured that your funds are safe and we will process your request as soon as possible.”

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