PokerStars open high stakes Daniel’s Room

PokerStars open high stakes Daniel’s Room

Thursday, 27 May 2010

As you all know, Daniel Negreanu has been tasking himself to bringing his Hold ‘em game up to scratch by playing in the $100/$200 6-max games at PokerStars. This has already lead to great changes such as ante tables and 250BB max games.

Now PokerStars are renaming their highest stakes tables – Daniel’s Room is home to the biggest cash games on PokerStars, running from $20/$40 to $100/$200. At all tables, the ante is half the big blind which encourages loose play and promotes action. The games, with a $50,000 maximum buy-in at the highest stakes, could get pretty damn juicy.

Funnily enough, Bluff Europe were thinking of creating Perry’s Room for blogger and perennial microstakes grinder Matt Perry. It’s a $0.03/$0.06 game with a running ante of $0.01 and a maximum buy-in of $20.

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