PokerStars nears 70 billionth hand

PokerStars nears 70 billionth hand

Thursday, 27 October 2011

PokerStars dealt its 65 billionth hand just three months ago and is ready to celebrate again as its 70 billionth hand approaches. The world's biggest poker site will be offering cash prizes of $750,000 in the run up to the Milestone Hand which is set to be dealt within the next ten days.

Prizes will be awarded at real money cash tables every millionth Milestone Hand from hand 69,700,000,000 through to 69,999,000,000. The real big money can be found on the 70,000,000,000 hand though where one lucky player will walk away with $70,000 plus extras.

Every player dealt into the Milestone Hands will be awarded a base prize of $50, plus $50 for every VPP they earned in the preceding 50 hands. The rewards are even bigger for the 70 billionth Mega Milestone hand with the regular payouts multiplied by ten. The winner of the hand will also have their prize doubled and will receive an additional prize of $70,000.

The first Milestone Hand is expected to hit on 29th October but players can check on the real-time total by clicking on the “Number of hands dealt” counter at

Over 1,600 players shared over $770k in PokerStars' 65 billionth giveaway with Kiwi player “yllams” boosting his bankroll by $68,420. That's quite a return considering he was playing at a 10c/25c six-max table.

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