PokerStars aiming for a record-breaking weekend

PokerStars aiming for a record-breaking weekend

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

PokerStars is attempting to host the world’s Largest Online Poker Tournament this Sunday. The potentially record-breaking event starts at 7.45pm UK time and even though the buy in is just $1 there are some hefty prizes to be won.

PokerStars is guaranteeing $50,000 for the winner and a total prize pool of $300,000. Amazingly, the payout will go down to 30,000th place.

This isn’t PokerStars’ first foray into record-breaking territory though. The initial World Record was set last December when 35,000 players hit the tables. The record was then superseded in July when a whopping 65,000 players from 155 countries took part.

Bryan Slick, PokerStars' Tournaments Team Leader said: "Players really enjoy these events, and so do we. There is a real thrill when the tournament begins and everyone realizes just how many people are taking part from all over the world."

Registration is open now under 'Tourney' > 'Special' of the PokerStars client, but stand warned - there is no late registration for this event so players must buy in before 7.45pm on 27th December.

See PokerStarsif you want to sign up.

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