PokerStars add new software features to online poker room

PokerStars add new software features to online poker room

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

PokerStars have what is generally regarded to be the most user-friendly and effective software of any online poker room, rivalled only by Full Tilt Poker. Despite this they see no reason to rest on their laurels and are currently rolling out more updates to their client.

The ‘Seat Me’ button which puts players in a seat instantly (even quicker if Auto-Rebuy and Auto-Buyin are enabled in the options) has a new little brother in the shape of the ‘Find Seat’ button that, with just two clicks, can instantly sit you in an identical cash game. This should make the 24-tabling grinders’ lives a lot easier.

There are also some changes to the bet sliders and bet sizing buttons with the mouse wheel now usable for increasing the size of a bet as well as a host of options for the slider including wheel inversion, increment changes and other features.

Last but also likely best is the ability to pre-set bet sizes street by street, meaning that your pre-flop raises will automatically be pot-sized; your continuation bets automatically two-thirds pot and so on without you having to type.

Online players are a bloody lazy bunch, when you think about it. Still, so are we so well done to PokerStars for giving us a bit of extra rest between hands.

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