PokerStars Wants Natural Born Players

PokerStars Wants Natural Born Players

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Are you a natural poker player? While some people seem to have a natural affinity for the game, others need to work a little harder to achieve success at the poker table. However, regardless of how you acquire your skills, everyone has certain tendencies and PokerStars has designed a new game to show you what they are.

Entitled "Natural Born Poker Player", the new selection of games is designed to tell people what sort of poker personality they have. The main premise is simple: users enter three games with an ever-changing set of dynamics and asked to react in the way they feel is most appropriate. Each decision will change the outcome of the situation and at the end of the game the user is given a "Poker IQ".

"The Chase": Here you attempt to chase down a free-running thief through car parks and across city rooftops. You'll need bravery, a cool head and be able to think quickly in order to save the day.

"The Khazi": We've all been there. Which is the best cubicle to choose when you're in a busy nightclub restroom? Here you use logic, quick thinking and detection skills to make the right choice.

"The Poisoner": Stepping back in time, you must poison the ambassador at an 18th century masquerade ball without poisoning yourself. Test your bravery, detection and bluffing skills in order to make the right decision.

Since Amaya Gaming took control of PokerStars there has been a clear movement towards a more social gambling experience. In addition to casino and lottery style games, such as Spin and Gos, players can now enjoy a less "hardcore" poker experience and this latest games seems to tap into this new focus.

Already some of PokerStars' team of pros have tested out the game and now players across the community can do the same. Poker IQs can be shared via social media and as the software improves new games will be added in the coming weeks. Are you a natural born poker player? Now you can find out.

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