PokerStars UK Heading for Change

PokerStars UK Heading for Change

Friday, 19 September 2014

PokerStars players in the UK were given a special announcement last night.

Due to changes in the UK's gaming laws, all sites offering games to local residents must be licensed in the UK. Aside from affecting various facets of the industry, including how companies advertise, the main thing that will change is how poker sites are taxed.

For this reason, PokerStars will now need to usher UK players onto a new .UK platform. Don't panic! Unlike national segregation seen in other parts of Europe, this move won't mean a playerpool just made up of British grinders.

To comply with the new laws that come into effect on October 1st, all UK users will have their accounts moved across to the new .UK platform. At 00:01 BST on October 1st the new software will become live and as soon as you log into your account you'll be prompted to download the platform.

After the download is complete you should find that all your details, account history and access to games are exactly the same as before. This change of circumstances will not alter anything with regards to your account details, the amount of rake you pay or the games you can access; the move is simply designed to filter Brits through a new UK specific portal.

As a special thank you to British players for their understanding, PokerStars will be hosting a series of £1,000 freerolls each night between October 1 and October 5 at 20:00 BST.

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