PokerStars’ Simple Lobby

PokerStars’ Simple Lobby

Friday, 18 January 2013

PokerStars is making its lobby simpler according to recent announcement by a site representative on 2+2.

Having initially stated their intention to make all their tables faster back in October, the changes are now set to come into being over the next few days.

The new tables will no longer be defined as “normal” or “fast” tables, but instead their speed will be defined by the game time and previous action.
For example, Fixed Limit, Zoom and Cap game will give players a 15 second time limit pre-flop when there’s been no raise before. However, the clock will extend to 20 seconds thinking time if a raise has occurred before it’s your turn to act.

At Big Bet tables ($5/$10+), the time limits will range from 20 seconds to 30 seconds and at all other tables the thinking times will be 18 seconds and 25 seconds.

It’s hoped the changes will make the lobby simpler and help keep the action at a steady pace across all games.

Yesterday saw the first of the changes and it’s expected the final alterations will have been rolled out by early next week.

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