PokerStars’ Rat Problem

PokerStars’ Rat Problem

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

After their recent steps to tackle bum hunting, PokerStars officials are now looking to clean up the problem of ratholing.

A common problem in many online poker games, ratholing is when a player wins money at one table then instantly leaves in order to join another one with a smaller stack, thus protecting their profits.

While many sites have acknowledged the problem in recent years, they have struggled to come up with an effective way to tackle it. However, following a recent meeting with players, PokerStars thinks it may have come up with a solution.

In a post on 2+2, “PokerStars Steve” said that the system they are working on would assign a player a “stack identity”.

This virtual tagging system would prevent the player from buying into another game with less money and essentially set them a minimum stack size based on what they left their previous table with.

So far this system has been tricky to implement but PokerStars are working hard to put it into action. Indeed, according to “PokerStars Steve”, they hope to “get the solution ready to go over the summer”.

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