PokerStars Pro Wins Winter Olympic Gold

PokerStars Pro Wins Winter Olympic Gold

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Winter Olympics in Sochi might be the furthest thing from the minds of most poker players, but over the last few days it's entered the community's thoughts courtesy of Marcus Hellner.

The Swedish skier, who is also part of PokerStars' Team SportsStars, recently clinched a gold medal as the anchorman for his team in the cross country event.

Battling over a ten-kilometre course, Hellner initially saw one of his teammates hit the deck in the early portion of the race, but like short stack ninjas his team battled back and by the time he set off for the final leg he was a massive chip leader.

After extending the 14 second advantage to 27 seconds, Hellner was able to celebrate his third Olympic gold medal before taking some well-earned time away from the slopes and on the felt no doubt.

Hellner hasn't been the only Olympian to enjoy the rush of poker during this year's games. Despite being deep in the midst of competition, Norway's Petter Northug decided to play a quick session of high stakes poker under the screen name 'NorthugJr'.

Unfortunately, things didn't go too well for him and after just a few hundred hands he found himself $20,903 out of pocket.

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